Transforming the Retail Experience Through Self-Service

One platform designed to enhance your customer experience through an integrated web, mobile, and kiosk experience.

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Our Cocoon Platform

One single change – no matter how small to a retail environment – can positively impact the operational pain points of the business and enhance the flow of the customer journey through your establishment.


Our self-service kiosks cater to retailers and customers alike. Increase sales, eliminate lines, capture customer info, receive pre-orders for pick-up and much more.


Our iOS & Android app allows customers to order ahead, get intelligent product recommendations and earn rewards for loyalty.


Our secure self-service kiosk eliminates wait times, removes stress on staff, and gives customers the option for private exploration and purchase.

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  • Accept Cash Transactions
    Securely accepts and manages cash transactions, mitigating risk, and improving cash security.
  • ID Verification
    Analyzes the customer ID and stores past information for easy use.
  • Regulation Compliant
    Remain compliant and up-to-date with current state and federal regulations.

Analytical Insight

Collect centralized transactions and behavior data to aid with promotion decisions, inventory management and identify trends

Inventory Tracking

Reduce labor costs and keep stock up-to-date with more intelligent product sourcing and prediction for buying platforms

Strong Security

Cocoon Technology is the new face of privacy and security that protects customers’ data while securing cash transactions

Fits into Existing POS

CocoonPod is reinventing the full potential of the cannabis space with transformative and versatile solutions that fit seamlessly into any businesses’ point-of-sale system without having to add bulky infrastructure.

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Our innovative customer loyalty program runs seamlessly with your establishment and is an effective way to build and retain a loyal customer-base while rewarding them for repeat business.

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  • Mobile App
    User profiles allow customers to get all their shopping done from the palm of their hand.
  • Shop From Home
    Customers can skip the crowds with convenient one-click shopping for everything they want.
  • Customer Discounts
    Reward flexibility and exclusive options tailored to match your customers’ needs.
  • Product Recommendations
    Educates and provides recommendations based on purchase history and new inventory selection.

Integrates with popular reward programs

By seamlessly unifying to a dispensaries’ individual reward programs, CocoonRewards helps build a stronger connection between consumer and brand by offering the products customers really want — with a fully-integrated program that retailers love

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