Streamline the Flow & Grow

The Cocoon Platform

A self-service, turnkey solution facilitating transactions while elevating the dispensary shopping experience

  • Interactive POS Kiosk
  • Mobile/Tablet Application
  • Retail Website for Order Ahead
  • Easily Manage Orders
  • Behavioral Data Analytics
  • Online Delivery Options
  • ATM Functionality (Coming Soon)


A self-service kiosk designed for high-traffic locations,
optimized to guide and enhance the customer experience

  • Interactive Kiosk
  • ID Verification Configuration
  • Facilitates Cash Handling
  • Provides a Quick Service
  • Data Analytics
  • Payment Platform (Canada)
  • Increases Dispensary Revenue


Promote brand loyalty, customer awareness, and offer convenient access to order histories, rewards, and more within a mobile application

  • Mobile App
  • Promotes Loyalty
  • Tiered Discounts
  • Product Recommendations
  • Motivates Purchase Behavior
  • Provides Order Ahead
  • Account Management

Designed to be Platform Agnostic

The Cocoon Platform is designed to be inventory, order fulfillment, Metrc, Leaf Data agnostic and integrates easily with your solution.

No double entry, no proprietary systems or changing what you know and love day-to-day. Cocoon is ready when you are.

Dedicated Customer Management & Support

Dedicated customer support manager and 24/7 live call-center

Flexible Plans & Pricing

Lease and purchase options available for kiosk hardware and support

Intuitive Back Office Reporting & Management

Cloud-based applications for managing orders, reports, employees, and more

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