Streamline the Retail Experience with CocoonPod

Our secure self-serve kiosk eliminates wait times, removes stress on staff and gives customers the option for private exploration and purchase

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How it Works

By streamlining the flow of customer traffic through a self-service and fully automated solution, CocoonPod addresses both the operational pain points of emerging retail operations while enhancing the customer journey.


Use CocoonPod to Skip the Line

Customer visits a dispensary with a CocoonPod, starts an order & skips the line.

Select some Products

The customer explores the inventory and selects their products.


Pay for the Order

The customer pays for the order with their preferred method, including cash.

Order is Processed

The order fulfillment system and team are notified to process the order.


Ready for Pick Up!

Once the order is ready, the customer is notified to pick up their order.

Lower Wait Times

Today’s customer demands an expedited shopping process. With order ahead pick-ups, CocoonPod is a simple and reliable way to provide guests with what they want — when they want it

Reduce Staffing Costs

CocoonPod gives businesses the ability to take the strain off their day-to-day operations while alleviating the stress on staff to meet the needs of customers in a timely fashion

Integrates with existing platforms

Fully customizable and flexible to adapt into any branded environment. The Cocoon Platform fits seamlessly into any POS system without any bulky workarounds

CocoonPod in the details

Leveraging the CocoonPod, our secure POS kiosks, CocoonRewards, and our innovative loyalty app – our ecosystem of technology truly streamlines the flow and grow for retail environments.

Secure & Private

An interactive self-serve kiosk that elevates the retail shopping experience on both sides of the counter.

ID Verification

With age-gating and straightforward customer identification, we are relentlessly dedicated to protecting our customers’ private information.

Cash Transactions

Bank-grade cash management capabilities provides for safe, cash-only transactions to mitigate risk and improve cash security.

Data Analytics

Our solution-oriented approach gives retailers the ability to take the strain off their operations, with the peace of mind to scale. That’s what we mean by major impact, maximum reward.

Behavioral Data

Intelligently sourced data on customer interest and purchasing behavior, empowers retailers to better understand, predict and prepare for sales patterns, customer interests and inventory.

Real-time Sales Data

Our combination of alternative and automated technology combined with critical-thinking abilities can mine enormous libraries of key decision-making data.

Take Action on Data Trends

A forward-thinking, fully-connected, behind-the-scenes workhorse that processes copious amounts of real time data for retailers to scale.