Streamline the Customer Experience with CocoonRewards

CocoonRewards is an iOS & Android app that provides the ability to ensure that customers can reap the rewards for their loyalty.

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How it Works

CocoonRewards integrates with loyalty and reward programs, so users can order ahead, get intelligent product recommendations and earn loyalty rewards through our immersive application.


Download the App

Everything is connected to our state-of-the-art application with the user profile that allows customers to get all their shopping done from their phone.

Shop from Home

CocoonPod offers a user-friendly ordering system and convenient one-click shopping that allows customers to order ahead of time with our personalized shopping.


Pick Up Your Order

Customers can skip the crowds, and when the order is complete, the kiosk will print a QR code to give to the budtender, so there is never a wait.

Get Your Rewards!

Self-service experiences. Mobile loyalty. Personalized rewards. It all adds up to loyal customers and repeat visits.


Streamline Your Flow

We provide a high level of efficiency in your service model, inventory management and secure cash transactions and act as the behind-the-scenes workhorse to meet your business and customer needs.

Without Cocoon

Bottlenecks. Back-ups. Bored customers. This is the triple threat that puts a lot of strain on day-to-day operations.

With Cocoon

Retailers can increase their sales, improve speed, capture important customer identification data and receive pre-orders for faster pick-up.

Shop from Home

This self-serve opportunity enhances the user experience while remaining compliant to state and federal regulations.

Promotes Loyalty

Our innovative customer loyalty program runs seamlessly with any dispensary and is an effective way to build and retain a loyal base of customers while rewarding them for their repeat business.

Customer Discounts

It pays to be a member with reward flexibility and exclusive options tailored to match your customers’ needs

Product Recommendations

A forward-thinking, fully-connected, behind-the-scenes workhorse that processes copious amounts of real-time data for retailers to scale

Collect Rewards

CocoonRewards integrates with existing loyalty and reward programs so customers can earn, collect and redeem their rewards – all centralized through our application

Integrates with existing rewards

By seamlessly unifying to a dispensaries’ individual rewards programs, CocoonRewards helps build a stronger connection between consumer and brand by offering the deals and products customers really want – with a fully-integrative program retailers love.

Data Analytics

Our solution-oriented approach gives retailers the ability to take the strain off their operations, with the peace of mind to scale. That’s what we mean by major impact, maximum reward.

Behavioral Data

Intelligently sourced data on customer interest and purchasing behavior empowers retailers to better understand, predict, and prepare for sales patterns, customer interests, and inventory.

Real-time Sales Data

Our combination of alternative and automated technology combined with critical-thinking abilities can mine enormous libraries of key decision-making data.

Take action on Data Trends

A forward-thinking, fully-connected, behind-the-scenes workhorse that processes copious amounts of real-time data for retailers to scale.

Also part of the Cocoon Family

Our fully-connected kiosks & digital applications are changing the way business is done for Cannabis Retailers and their customers.

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