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The Importance of Creating a Unified Look and Experience for Cannabis Retailers

It has taken a long time, but cannabis has become a socially acceptable part of our society. Prohibitions have crumbled, regulations have formed and the desire to try what was once a forbidden fruit has given way to folks from all different lifestyles and socioeconomic statuses. With rising demographics and new consumer types, the market has grown quickly as cannabis consumers have moved away from the shadows and stepped into a modern, upscale path to purchase.

Unfortunately, the cannabis arena has more uphill challenges and a tilted playing field than many other industries. To stand out and stay competitive it is an absolute requisite to have a strong and unified brand experience. It presents the perfect platform to build trust, gain new and loyal customers and shatter any lingering social stigmas.

Trust is the cornerstone to all customer experiences

Customers simply don’t want to do business with a company they can’t trust. Building a unique brand experience in a clean and professional way doesn’t just differentiate yourself in a saturated market, but it is the laying the foundation of trust for an emerging and sophisticated crowd. Straightforward branding paired with a clean digital experience helps legitimize the cannabis industry, making it more inviting for new demographics to explore the cannabis space through consumer-friendly entry points. A customer journey and experience rooted in transparency, credibility and efficiency will serve as the bedrock to creating long-term relationships.

Marrying technology and personalization for a new branded environment

The market is speaking and there is an explosion in availability with more upscale retail environments. High-end dispensaries are looking more like art galleries nowadays and are catering to a new demographic that are not defined by decade old stereotypes. However, a unified look and experience doesn’t end with branding, it extends to the technical framework that fuels the entire operation.

In-store and online technology needs to be woven together and fused seamlessly into one cohesive experience. By leveraging a combination of alternative and automated technology married with critical-thinking abilities, core technology should be at the center of every retail operational nucleus. Centered around a self-service kiosk that is uniquely customized with the dispensaries’ branding and is fully integrated with each businesses’ point-of-sale system brings a large enterprise edge to a small business environment.

Building customer trust isn’t built overnight – it takes time

Consumers are growing more comfortable and familiar with personalized self-service experiences. Self-service kiosks provide a unique level of service with a human touch while complementing existing retail operations and adding a deep element of privacy — all combined into one turn-key experience.

Having an innovative and game-changing technology woven into a dispensaries’ branding will not only complement the entire path to purchase experience, but will fundamentally change the way the cannabis retail operators exist. CocoonPod’s sophisticated and forward-thinking technology drives operational efficiencies for upscale retail operators. We are the trusted and intelligent partner that empowers staff, protects customers and supports innovative brands.

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