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Top 5 Benefits of Self-Service in Retail

For retail businesses looking to enhance their revenue, self-service kiosks provide significant opportunities for increased revenue, brand loyalty, and enhanced customer buying experience. Self-service kiosks enable businesses to reach more customers, but can also increase revenue opportunities.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Utilizing self-service kiosks enables businesses to increase labor efficiencies freeing up financial resources for other business development projects. They speed up on-site ordering enabling businesses to serve more customers in the same amount of time. Businesses can offer more services at a lower cost through self-service kiosks. Customers are able to sign-in, verify identification (where applicable), check in-stock items and research products directly through the kiosk. Self-service kiosks also enable retailers to “display” the entire inventory without taking up valuable shelf space. For retailers with smaller floor plans, this provides the opportunity for product highlights on physical shelves without limiting the other product visibility.


Improve Customer Buying Experience

Customers are actively seeking self-checkout and self-service options in retail locations. They provide an efficient shopping experience and can be easily accessed by the customer as-needed, ultimately promoting loyalty in customers as they enjoy the enhance buying experience. Self-service kiosks provide customers with the ability to find detailed product information such as product recommendations, pricing, availability and feature comparison without needing to wait for assistance.

Minimize Wait Times

Waiting in line is often seen as a negative experience for customers. Unfortunately, the most recent impression a customer forms carries significant weight in their overall view of a retail location and will impact their future purchasing decisions at that location. Self-service kiosks provide an efficient alternative to waiting in line by altering the traffic flow within the store. Some kiosks offer mobile order ahead functionality allowing customers to skip the line entirely with a “grab and go” experience.



Attract and Serve More Customers

Self-service kiosks attract business from customers who want an efficient, enhanced shopping experience. Customers find self-service kiosks to be quicker and more convenient to use compared to visiting the counter. This leads to positive customer experiences and positive word of mouth.



Increase profits and Customer Insights

While there is an initial investment in self-service kiosks, they offer a significant return on investment for businesses. As the reputation for convenient service increases so will the customer base. Self-service kiosks also provide improved upselling features through featured products, new products, and even push notifications, improving the potential for increased profits. Customer sale data is also gathered with every interaction at the kiosk. This invaluable information can provide the retailer previously unavailable insights into customer behavior.

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