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Why Education is Vital to the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has grown out of the black market and shed the layers of unwelcomed misinformation and unfair stigma to becoming a billion-dollar behemoth that has no signs of slowing down, disrupting everything in its path from pharmaceuticals to wellness.

While the cannabis industry is still entering its teenage years, we are starting to see concrete investments, legislation, reform and a massive shift in perception towards cannabis.

Healthy education is crucial to attract, nurture and retain new customers into the space to better understand laws, regulations, and how to use cannabis responsibly.

There’s still some lingering stigma to combat

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 effectively changed the history of cannabis, and pushed forth a negative opinion for over 80 years. While there has been an incredible pendulum shift, there is still a swirling, misconstrued narrative around what the cannabis sativa plant really represents.

Now that the economics of cannabis has changed dramatically and the industry is getting serious, healthy conversation on cannabis is taking shape. Legalization is spreading, alternative medicines are becoming more commonplace. The misconceptions around traditional cannabis clientele have been largely unfair over the years, and it’s a powerful movement to see cannabis beginning to take its place as a major influence over U.S. and global industries.

People need to be properly informed about all aspects

For those that have conducted their own research and are looking to get their foot in the door, it is imperative to have a healthy and balanced discussion around the benefits and drawbacks of cannabis. After all, it is a substance that interacts with the chemicals in your central nervous system, similar to alcohol or caffeine.

Everyone interacts with these differently, and there certainly isn’t a one size fits all approach, which is why a measured and pragmatic discussion is needed. And when you are explaining to someone about a supplement that will go into their body, the customer wants to walk away feeling confident their questions have been answered.

Budtenders cannot be the only source of information and education

For the longest time, budtenders and close friends have been the only source of information for people for a long time. Not everyone is a medical professional, and it is unfair to put so much pressure on budtenders to juggle multiple responsibilities while maintaining the integrity of their operations. They handle the front lines of the shop, they keep up with inventory levels, and they provide a high level of individual customer service on a one on one basis with everyone that walks into the shop.

The saving grace is that kiosks are the cavalry coming to help. They can play a big role by standardizing, centralizing and providing high-quality and consistent messaging towards new strains, their impacts and proper dosage amounts. It takes a bulk of the work off a retailers’ plate by streamlining all of this information and helps someone make informed decisions because they know this knowledge is coming from a verified source.

Putting a fresh spin on how to marry cannabis and technology together

The Cocoon Platform is central to scalability and retail pliability. It’s the missing puzzle piece for any emerging retail operation looking to compete in a crowded space. Having a reliable platform that provides trusted and versatile technology solutions for maturing cannabis retail operators provides stability to an evolving sector.

Cocoon Technology is the new face of stability, safety and security in an ever-fluctuating industry where verified education and stability are twin pillars for success.

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